Full Service Management

Our focus is on providing excellent service and collaborating closely with each client. Our experienced community managers consult with the board to share best-demonstrated practices in all areas of community management, including:
* Board education and governance
* Vendor selection and cost reduction services
* Financial accounting, delinquency, and collection services
* Site reviews, compliance, violations, and maintenance
* Homeowner participation, including sub-committees
* Strategic planning and project management oversight
Our dedication to client service is unrivaled in the business, and our cutting-edge technology outperforms that of any other management firm.
Because of our partnerships, we are able to provide a wide range of services to our clients and their homeowners. With its enormous investment in cutting-edge management software, Legacy has maintained a tight focus on building a distinct advantage. We are able to give the greatest services to our clients while retaining competitive pricing because to our ever-increasing utilization of modern technology.

Financial Management Services

We provide accurate and timely reporting of all aspects of financial management at Legacy Community Services, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, general ledger and financial statement preparation, budget preparation, Resale Disclosure Preparation, and attendance at annual or budget meetings.

*Financial Only Plus – This package can be tailored to your community’s needs if you require a combination of full-service and financial-only services. Management consultancy services, covenants enforcement support, and contract administration aid are examples of add-on services to the main financial only package.

On-Site Management Services

Legacy Community Services provides unique access to a variety of services to the communities we manage. These services are meant to make it easier for you, whether you’re switching from another association management provider or want to improve your budgeting. Here are a few of the services we provide:
* Strategic planning
* Financial management
* Physical asset analysis and preventive maintenance programs
* Leadership planning
* Proprietary technology innovations
* Board member training
* Transitioning programs
* Industry-leading training and professional development
* Workflow management processes and systems
* Value-added services, including combined buying power and negotiated vendor pricing
* 24/7 Customer Care Center
* Developer services
* Staff recruitment, training and payroll services
Wherever your community is located, our goal is to make your residents proud of where they live. We want to develop a lasting relationship with your community and your residents. That’s why we work so hard to live up to our promises and exceed your expectations.

Property Maintenance Services

Nothing is more important than the state and beauty of your community. Our managers work hard to keep your common area and infrastructure in good shape. From grounds maintenance to complicated high-rise building infrastructure and everything in between, we oversee the upkeep of every aspect of your community. We work with your reserve specialist to guarantee that your reserve study includes all property components and that any repairs and new additions are accounted for in each reserve study update.

Routine maintenance costs, reserve contributions and anticipated reserve expenditures are carefully budgeted, and our managers diligently maintain inventory, inspection, and maintenance schedules. Your association will not be limited to “preferred vendors”. We bid competitively and openly for service providers and work closely with successful bidders to ensure the community obtains a high-quality level of service. Our managers create emergency preparedness plans and are accessible for emergency response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remote Management Services

Legacy Community Services presents a unique hybrid approach to HOA management, empowering board members with the freedom of self-management while offering support from a professional company. Our services are designed to significantly reduce your monthly management costs by charging you only for the necessary tasks to effectively manage your community, eliminating wasteful spending on unnecessary services. We prioritize addressing the major challenges that associations commonly encounter, ensuring that essential "back office tasks" such as financial management, collections, insurance updates, and violation enforcement are diligently handled, while also mitigating the risks associated with self-management.

Creating Partnerships One Association At A Time

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